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Proud to have hosted

Here are some events that we have successfully hosted and co-organized at HUNGEXPO with our partners. Read the case studies and testimonials, see some of the events in pictures.

World Table Tennis Championships Budapest
Date: 21-28 April 2019
Client: International Table Tennis Federation
Organisers: ITTF- Hungarian Table Tennis Association
Participants: 1.500 accredited participants, 360media, 25.500 audience
Venue: Hall G – Main competition area, Hall A, Hall F, Hall D, Passage


undefined   EuroSkills 2018 Budapest
26-28 september 2018
    Client: WorldSkills Europe, Hungarian Chamber of Commerce
    Organisers: SkillStar Agency
    Attendees: 1000 competitors, experts, jury; 100.000 spectators
    Venue: All halls and areas of HUNGEXPO



ESC Congress 
9th-12th May 2018
Client: European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health
Organisers: Orga-Med Congress Office
Attendees: 1500
Venue: Hall G



Pharma Seminar
Date: 16-17 March 2018
Client: one of the biggest American pharmaceutical companies
Attendees: 2400




ICT Proposers' Day 2017
Date: 9-10 November 2017
Client: European Commission
Attendees: 2500
Venue: Hall G and F



EFTTEX European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition
Date: 29th June - 1st July 2017
Client: EFTTEX
Attendees: 1600
Venue: Hall G and F



World of Coffee Exhibition
Date: 13-15 June 2017
Client: Speciality Coffee Association of Europe
Organisers: EventHaus Ltd.
Attendees: 7000
Venue: Hall G, F and Building 25


ISF World Seed Congress
Date: 22-24 May 2017
Client: International Seed Federation
Organisers: AdHoc Events
Attendees: 1700
Hall G1 – Opening ceremony, plenary session, gala dinner
Hall G2 – Exhibition and catering area
Hall F – Trading floor
G VIP -  Meeting room and lounge


European Selection of Bocuse d'Or
10-11 May 2016
Client: Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy, GL Exhibitions
Production: HUNGEXPO Budapest: the complete contest and the Grand Chefs’ Dinner, Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy: Taste Hungary gastro village and Gala Dinner
Attendees: 6000
Venue: Hall G1 – 10 kitchen boxes, VIP Village, jury table, grandstand, corporate boxes ; Hall G2 – Taste Hungary gastro village


KIA Pan-European Dealers Convention
Date: 12 January 2016
Client: Kia Motors Europe GmbH
Attendees: 2700
Venue: Hall G and Hall A



AIA Insurance Conference and Gala Dinner
Date: 4 January 2016
Client: AIA Insurance Hong Kong
Organisers: Main organiser – Hong Kong based organiser company
Responsible for production: Hong Kong based production house
Participants: 1300 attendees
Venue: Hall G1 – Convention and Gala Dinner
           Hall G2 – Coffee break and VIP area, Entertainment area



ITU Telecom World Congress 2015
12-15 October 2015
Client: International Telecommunication Union
Visitors: 4000
Exhibitors: 238
Venue: Entry Hall III. was used for registration, Building 25 served as the Leader Space, the exhibition was held at the interconnecting Hall F and G, while 11 temporary rooms were built up in Hall A for the conference.
ITU World 2015 Case study
Post Event Report.pdf
ITU Telecom World after movie


jENS 2015 Congress of joint European Neonatal Societies
16-20 September 2015
Client: Congress of joint European Neonatal Societies (jENS)
Participants: 2500 attendees
Exhibitors:120 neonatology experts
Venue:Hall G and F, more than 14 000 sqm
jENS 2015 Case study



Eurofinance, International Cash & Treasury Management Conference (IC&TM)
Date: 15-17 October 2014
Attendees: 4000, Exhibitors: 110
Venue Site: The pavilion G and F fit up with plenary (1200 PAX), with 5 session rooms (250 PAX), meeting rooms and the catering area
Eurofinance 2014 Case Study


Chemspec Europe Exhibition
Date: 8-19 June 2014
Client: Quartz Chemicals
Attendees: 6000 Exhibitors:404 stands
Venue: Pavilion G, F fit up with exhibition area for 400 exhibitors and session rooms for 40-50 PAX
Chemspec 2014 Case Study.pdf





World Dog Show
Date: 15-19 May 2013
Client: MEOE
Visitors: 19600
Venue: Six major Pavilions (A, B, C, D, F, G) hosted the main events Pavilion 16, 17 and 25 awaited the enthusiast visitors with spectacular featuring programs
World Dog Show 2013 Case Study


Nu Skin EMEA Convention
Date: 26-28 October 2012
Client: Nu Skin
Visitors: 5000-6000
Venue: Pavilion F, G, and A
EMEA 2012 Case Study




TETRA World Congress
Date: 24-27 May 2011
Client: IIR Telecoms TETRA Association
Visitors: 3000
Venue Site: The pavilion G and F fit up with plenary (600 PAX), with 2 session rooms (300 PAX). The catering and the exhibition area were set up in pavilion G
TETRA World 2011


EuroEcho and other Imaging Modalities
7-10 December 2011
Visitors: 3500
Exhibitors: 21
Venue Site: Hall G and F was ideally set up for the mix of seven conference rooms, exhibition stands and networking area, posters and e-posters and also for five so called ‘imaging campuses’.
EuroEcho 2011 Case Study

EFNS Congress - Congress of European Federation of Neurological Societies
Date: 10-13 September 2011
Visitors: 4500
Exhibitors: 44 stands
Venue Site:  Hall G and F was set up flexibly with 8 conference rooms varying between 250 and 800pax and also a plenary room for 2000pax for the opening ceremony.
EFNS 2011 Case Study

ICT Proposer's day
Date: 19-20 May 2011
Visitors: 2500
Networking stands: 27 stands
Venue Site: Pavilion G providing perfect space for 7 temporary conference rooms and 27 networking stands and also for the catering area. The VIP rooms on the first floor were used as VIP lounges.
ICT 2011 Case Study